1. That straight up southern futuristic over your temple of the boom slap the nigga next to you and just ride music. Peace to the brother LeuNatic: https://soundcloud.com/leunatic for letting me get at this one. Check him out and follow him.


  2. Untitled: Just Verses

    Steal water for the children with no village to live in/
    purify their sinning just to end up with this still/
    pure fire underneath them, heats up this steel/
    leave them in a stage of a vile violent rage/
    don’t interact or engage,
    that keeps them this real/
    death with no seal, 
    left with no will,
    kill at your will, 
    death has no ceiling/ 
    cold blooded, even watching the reel is chilling/
    ill literature for the lil’ miniature grilling
    on the top of the building, 
    for God sakes this is high stakes, 
    no options or feelings
    can fill up his mind state/
    Phillip screwed too tight
    to the right where his mind ache/
    and Lucy went away,
    left on the highway/
    the tool man said, “Okay, I’ll come back on a Friday”
    but that was two weeks ago,
    please tell me where did he go/
    priest tell me He didn’t know/
    so I wont be so upset at the fact he didn’t show/
    I’m back to what I know,
    first person, no H20/
    feeling so so with no soil for me to grow/
    sunshine turned cold/
    eyes similar to froze/
    the rose that never rose 
    this the life we never chose…



  3. My Mourning Cup

    My Mourning Cup

    I stir cane with hands of a clock that holds a cracked silver spoon
    Slight clang as it knocks the hard mug,
    holding back the black lagoon

    Lighten up the dark, for that much power is too much to devour
    Tease it with a little c.r.e.a.m.
    so the heat will eventually cower

    The steam will conventionally tower over the worn waking hands
    The cups full with soullessness;
    and empty of optimism

    Grind, grindin’, grinding the bars of a prison behind caged wisdom,
    you wage war against the symptoms of following a slave’s position
    by slowing sipping from the cup
    in order to wake up

    so drink up
    …and carry on tradition

  4. PHOX - Settle Down (Kimbra cover) (by Phox Phox)


  5. Getting back to the shit I love. Just letting it flow and having fun. Somewhat freestyle/freewrite. Show love…or hate if that’s what you do.

  6. Classic!

  7. Checking in with confidence.

  8. Spy vs Guy

    Awesome short film. Enjoy!

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  9. Verse to J Dilla’s - Shouts. Another rough (ruff) draft till I can put a mixtape together. Get at me if you think it is good enough to be on my first mixtape. -Deuce


  10. SPREAD IT!

    Butt and thighs

    first catch my eyes,

    but then i saw her face

    Bust and size

    could hypnotize,

    but then i saw her face


    twist my insides,

    but then i saw her face

    Hit the lights,

    take away my sight,

    and it’s all butter baby

    -Ryan K. Deucebag


  11. Finally sat down to write a second verse to this amazing beat. Got a homie working on a last verse.

  12. Pulp Fiction - Marsellus Wallace monologue: Pride

    This is my first on camera monologue. I also filmed and edited this video. Giving a different approach to one of my favorite movie monologues. I am a very versatile actor looking for work in film and commercials. You can contact me at Dubbdeuces@gmail.com or Mr.Strangedub@gmail.com .

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  13. Pulp Fiction Monologue (by Dubb Deuces)

    Subscribe to my new Youtube account.  This version was slightly altered by youtube due to copyright issues with the music.  The audio is a bit distorted and off key in some areas.  I would recommend people watching the video through Vimeo (which is also posted on my Tumblr).


  14. Some music that I love.  Too damn dope!

    Download the entire Make It Last EP here: bit.ly/VVQ61u


  15. Verse I was writing to a 9th Wonder beat. I don’t have the beat yet, so I thought I’d do it a’cappella.